Meet the 7 For All Mankind Rachel (Zoe) Bellbottom jeans

I must admit, I’m a huge fan of 7 For All Mankind – no other denim brand seems to garner me as many compliments – so it comes as no surprise (to me) that Rachel Zoe loves them too. Apparently she loved their bell bottom Ginger Jeans so much that she sported them throughout The Rachel Zoe Project last season. and gushed about them on her The Zoe Report website last year, saying:

I always say one person’s skinny jean is another person’s wide-leg. That is, I know skinny jeans are the go-to for many women, but I want to remind you that wide-leg silhouettes are just as relevant to your wardrobe. I personally gravitate toward said look…they are the foundation in my daily uniform. There are currently so many flattering styles on the market, but I constantly find myself in 7 For All Mankind’s Ginger Jeans. They are amongst the chosen ones for me.

Well 7 For All Mankind have returned the compliment by naming a pair of bell bottom jeans after her called the Rachel Bellbottom (not to be confused with ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle). We’re not quite sure what the difference is between the Ginger and the Rachel Bellbottom jeans, but we do know that the Rachel is only available on Piperlime – where Zoe is a guest editor/stylist.

Do you think if I constantly gush about my favourite 7FAM jeans (the one-season-only Colette straight leg in Mercer) I might get a pair named after me? Highly unlikely, but then again Helen isn’t exactly a cool name for jeans.

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