First look: Georgia May Jagger for Rimmel London’s New Colour Show Off Lipstick

Finally we’re happy to show off the latest ads from Rimmel London featuring the alluring young daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger. Blessed with her father’s signature lips, Georgia May Jagger pouts her way through Rimmel London’s New Colour Show Off Lipstick ads. Of course they’ve put her luscious lips to good use but the pictures are a little too toothy for our liking. Perhaps its because she is just 17-years-old and you can’t sex up a young girl too much.

Personally we prefer Coco Rocha’s ads over Georgia’s.

Once you’ve had enough, check out the accompanying television commercial below. it’s pretty much the same pouting, but somehow it makes us want to buy the lipstick more than the print ads.


  • Suz says:

    i love her lips and even her gap tooth (mean girls anyone?) but i was kinda put off when she spoke at the end :S

  • aych says:

    I’ve been wondering can a fair skinned super blonde really pull off such bold lip colour without looking circa 1982… but I’m slowly coming around! She looks licious *but I have to agree with suz above that the accent was slightly less alluring!

  • Dusk says:

    Oh I agree…these ads are very off-putting. She looks like she’s grimacing in the 2nd one…when really, she’s actually trying pull of her mother’s signature pose!

    She’s a beautiful girl, the photographer and creative directors should be shot. And not with a camera either…!

  • Kelly says:

    I don’t think she is cute at all and just because she has a gap doesn’t make her hot

  • Shama says:

    whoever it is … i feel the model looks so unappealing… and wudnt get me to buy that lipstick for that reason.. toothy toothy model

  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    lol @ Shama – “toothy, toothy”

    I, on the other hand think Georgia looks great. She was pretty much born to sell lipstick! But maybe she should stick to print?

  • fajne czapki says:

    Agree with Kelly!!!

  • Mangui says:

    if she was´nt mick jagger daughter, I don´t think she could ever make it as a model…

  • Abc says:

    Get rid of Jagger girl. Sorry but her face does not want me to buy their product. As I do not want to look that ugly. There are so many more beautiful models out there.
    Rimmel should sack the person(s) who employed jaggar girl or get them to take an eye test!
    May be u could use that as your next ad. With specsavers… They get the right glasses and see what a big mistake they have made!!!!

  • Meladi says:

    I just viewed one of your commercials with a very ugly girl in it. That was horrid. If you are trying to sell a beauty product, why on earth would you show “ugly” to help advertise it. I’m speaking on behalf of more than 75% of the viewers. The other 25% either don’t give a damn or they are rimmel associates, family members or friends. Boo to you guys for making such a bad choice. I would never buy a rimmel beauty product if I’m expected to look as ugly as that girl. Uggh! Now that’s hard on the eyes.

  • Sheniqua says:

    Wow! Those teeth are like a pair of chiclets stuck to the front of her face. When I saw the ad on TV all it did for me was make me grimace and say “ewww” a few times. Not a good choice at all and definitely doesn’t encourage me to buy the product in any shape or form. Sooooo…..ugly!!

  • Dee says:

    11 comments and barely anything nice to say. I think what Rimmel was try to do was make a point for girls who are insecure about large lips, gapped teeth & crOoked smiles. Just because ur lips & teeth aren’t like the others doesn’t make you beautiful. It doesn’t mean you can’t be a model. It’s so disappointing for some of you female commenters to say this girl is ugly horrid and other words you used. I Understand why so many women go to Plastic Surgery. Sad. U should all be disppointed

  • miami180985 says:

    Wow!! You must all be models with some of the comments you’ve left here!! She’s a stunning girl with different features. I don’t think that’s even the issue though, I think some people just enjoy criticizing!! Normal looking girls are too normal, classically beautiful women are too beautiful!! Skinny women are too skinny (you get where this is going)!
    Companies must be sick and tired of trying to cater to the demands of the public. They show a product and make it more attainable by using a model with ‘imperfections’ and there’s uproar!! I cannot believe how much attention this model’s teeth are getting!!!! Rimmel must be happy! No such thing as bad publicity!

  • RobotXXIX says:

    I just saw the new commercial she’s in (her getting arrested and booked) and was bowled over. I personally think Ms. Jagger is gorgeous and carries herself *very* seductively. That’s how I ended up on this page, because I just had to know who this little vixen is. I am SO sick of all the cookie cutter walking chopsticks in fashion ads- all their symmetrical face blend into a pile of soggy vanilla. And for all you haters who have posted about how “ugly” and “unappealing” she is, I feel bad for you having assimilated the ideas of beauty that the industry uses to sell you things and develop dismorphia.

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