Video: Chanel Rouge Coco staring Vanessa Paradis

What is it with Vanessa Paradis, Chanel and whistling? She whistled in the Chanel Coco fragrance ad in 1992, and now 18 years later Johnny Depp’s wife is doing it again in the television ad for Chanel’s new lipstick line Rouge Coco. The ad starts off a awkwardly with Vanessa singing (even though she is a multi-album recording article) but you grow to like it. Sort of. It’s not my favourite Chanel ad of all time but it’s… nice.

What was more insightful and fascinating was listening to Chanel’s creative director of makeup, Peter Phillips gushed about working with Vanessa and the Rouge Coco lipstick line in a behind the scenes interview (below).

“Meeting her in person and working with her was just like, almost like a dream come true,” he said. “When I was younger, watching the Coco perfume ad, it was just so magical. It was so stylish and so chic.”

“For me she’s Coco. She’s just a fantastic person and the most amazing face to do make up on. (Director Jean-Baptiste) Mondino really captured her a hundred percent. The concept he came up with is really nice, very fresh. Kind of new also for a cosmetic, for a lipstick. It is a bit more relaxed. A bit like the lipstick line itself, it’s a very relaxed lipstick line.

Watch the clip below, it’s absolutely fascinating to see a man talk so much about lipstick with such passion. Which explains why Phillips is Chanel’s Creative Director of Makeup.


  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    Sweet commercial, although I’m not sure it makes me want lipstick. It DOES, on the other hand, make me wander of Vanessa and Johnny are actually brother and sister.

  • TGB says:

    Oh. How unfortunate.

    I guess it’s good to see a company using someone with a prominent dental deformity, instead of someone who’s perfect and un-damaged.

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