Tweet of the week: A sad day for freedom of speech

The players in question is Malcom Carfrae, Executive Vice President of Global Communications for Calvin Klein Inc. and Editor in Chief of Vogue Australia, Kirstie Clements, both at a L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival event last week at the AUD$450 a ticket Business Seminar.

Needless to say, one of the last Australian magazines to jump on to Twitter (after a small tiff with some fake Twitter accounts) doesn’t quite understand the open two-way conversation of the internet. Even if they have one of the oldest fashion sites in Australia, in my opinion the website was down to some forward thinking people at the former Conde Nast Australia and then Federal Publishing Company before News Limited bought them out in 2007.

It’s one thing to support designers with positive reinforcements, it’s another thing to completely invalidate freedom of speech because you don’t like what someone says.

[Via: @PattyHuntington of FrockWriter & WWD]


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