Tanner Hall, a von Furstenberg family affair – we think!

Diane Von Furstenberg‘s daughter Tatiana has joined the world of film by co-directing and co-writing a film called Tanner Hall that debuted to rave reviews at the Toronto Film Festival last year. It was quite a family affair with mother lending a helping hand by designing the costumes for the film. Or so says the press release. On further inspection the only names listed under Costume Design in the films’ IMDB page are a Karen Baird and Erica Nicotra. So we wonder how much Diane was actually involved. Perhaps it was just from a concept perspective as DVF is a very busy woman and toiling every day on concept designs would be out of the question.

Meanwhile, Tanner Hall, a film about the private world of an all-girls boarding school in a “cozy but run down New England town”, is set to hit New York City as part of the 15th Anniversary of the Gen Art Film Festival, which runs from April 7th-13th.

The film was co-directed/written with Francesca Gregorini who’s vision was to create a timeless piece not bound to any decade in particular.

[Images from IMDB]