Swide asks, are bloggers considered fashion editors?

The Blogger v Magazines hot topic still hasn’t slowed since New York Fashion Week ended over 2 weeks ago, this time Dolce & Gabbana’s Swide have managed to ask the question ‘are bloggers considered fashion editors?’ to the likes of Hilary Alexander, Fracana Sozzani, Kate Lanphear, Zanna Roberts and Nina Garcia.

What did they have to say?

Hilary Alexander, Telegraph

“I think we’ll always want a magazine because digital is fleating. I think somewhow it’s more personal. You feel it’s part of you.”

Kate Lanphear, Style Director, American Elle

“I’m obsessed with the blog, I think it’s such an amazing thing but I think there is a sisterhood between the internet and a magazine”

Zanna Roberts, Senior Fashion Editor, American Marie Claire

“So many people are editors these days, a blogger’s an editor, everyone’s a journalist. I think there is a platform for it, whether they should they should be in the front seats you know it’s up to each individual house.

Franca Sozzani, Editor in Chief, Vogue Italia

“I like to have a magazine in my hand and to turn the pages and have the smell of the pages because I think it’s a great. I think both sides can help each other”

Nina Garcia, Fashion Director, American Marie Claire & Project Runway judge

“I think the blogger frenzy is great, it’s faster communication, it’s more fashion and faster fashion. I think it’s more about the personal style rather than reporting the trends, magazines have to be more inspiration as opposed to just reporting”.

While it is a great line up, I couldn’t help but notice that every one of the fashion editors who answered the question seemed to be reassuring themselves that magazines will always be around because it’s a personal extension of yourself and people like the physical touch of a magazine. (Though Zanna Roberts sounded like she has just swallowed some sour grapes, perhaps she hasn’t been given as many front row seats as some fashion bloggers have.)

Is that why American magazines are gearing up to launch online versions through Apple’s newest gadget, the iPad? I guess when you’re working in an industry when the next big thing isn’t the platform you’re in, a little reassurance goes a long way right? Of course magazines will still be around, but question is, which ones? 2010 hasn’t seen the closure of too many magazines yet, but will it see the launch of some new ones. (Australia has seen the launch of and Australian version of Shape, but we’re a weird country with one of the highest magazines per capita of any first world nation.)

I just wish Swide had managed to corner some fashion bloggers to pose their question to.

Watch the clip below for yourself.


  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    I think a blog can be just as good as a Marie Claire or even Elle… Vogue? It can’t replace big glossies like W, though.

  • Kelly says:

    Not at all bloggers are just short quick response writers I do not consider myself a blogger at all. Just a great way to get your info out to many different people

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