SASSY stories: Bum bleaching is in, Kate Moss to dance with Aleksandr Petrovsky and more

Today’s picks for the SASSY-est stories going around the web:

  • So the new beauty trend is apparently bum bleaching. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. [BettyConfidential]
  • Kate Moss is reportedly set to steal Carrie Bradshaw’s ex, Aleksandr Petrovsky (aka Mikhail Baryshnikov), for a dance in a short film [CatwalkQueen]
  • Confirmed: Brian Atwood leaves Bally. [FashionWeekDaily]
  • Topshop is now doing beauty. Fast fashion, now fast beauty? Why not. [FabSugarUK]
  • Stylophane have launched a Facebook Fashion Index to rank fashion brands by Facebook fans. Nike was top for February. [All The Rage]