Leaving on a jet plane to Dunedin, New Zealand

So we’re off to experience the fashion train that is iD Dunedin Fashion Week (iD stands for identity, not iD the magazine). Stay tuned for a few more personal posts coming up (among the usual newsy/gossipy posts of course). While I wished I had the style of the BryanBoy’s, Susie Bubble’s and Jane Aldridge’s of the world so we had more excuses to take personal photos but I don’t (nor do I have the budget) so instead you’ll be hearing about some of the experience and see the odd outfit photos if I deem them ‘acceptable’.

We’ve heard the lovely area where I’m staying in Dunedin is home to the one of the best surf beaches in the country, even though Dunedin is known for having a rather cool climate. But surfers are surfers anywhere in the world right? We’re also looking forward to sampling some of the New Zealand’s fine wines, having breakfast with the butterflies, perhaps meeting Zandra Rhodes (who’s in town for iD Dunedin Fashion week too) and discovering some new (to me) New Zealand fashion designers.

Should be a great long weekend. We hope you join us for the ride!

Here’s what we hope keep’s us amused for the flight over.

My airplane must have’s: A Sony VAIO netbook, Lanolips lip balm, my passport, my Flip video camera, a good book (in this case, Loita), a nail file, my business card holder and headphones!

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SASSYBELLA.com will be flown to Dunedin, New Zealand thanks to Tourism Dunedin by Pacific Blue and stayed as a guest of the St Clair Beach Resort.

Pacific Blue, International Airline of Virgin Blue offers flights from Sydney to Dunedin with fares starting from $259 AUD per person, one way on the net. If you’re looking to keep entertained, simply hire the digEplayer. Your own personal in-flight system features movies, TV shows and a broad array of music for an additional $20. If you fancy extra leg room, book the Blue Zone seating option for an additional $45 on top of your fare. Check out www.flypacificblue.com for current specials, bookings and all your travel needs.

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  • Amanda says:

    Ohh, is thaaat what the “iD fashion week” all about. I kept thinking – the magazine, huh?! >< Saw some highlights of the opening shows on the late night news last night, it's chilly down there!

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