Kit Willow dabbles in the world of fast cars by dressing the ‘grid girls’

Firstly I just wanted to share that I am a Formula 1 fan. I like sport but sometimes sport and fashion should never mix. Case in point: Australian fashion designer Kit Willow designing the F1 Grid Girl uniforms for the 2010 Melbourne Grand Prix.

Gone were the skimpy lycra outfits and in their place was a sheer silk blouse over a v-neck top, leather mini shorts, flat-heeled lace-up knee high boots all topped off with a black trilby hat. It was probably not what the boys in attendance had in mind and here I thought grid girls wanted the gig because they wanted to bare all and snag themselves a rich man or their 15 minutes in the spotlight.

But Kit had other ideas, telling the media that “it was about injecting elegance and style into the pit … about teetering between and sympathising with the usual Formula One Grand Prix grid-girl look.” Personally I think this is one instance where high fashion should not have dabbled in the world of car racing. Sexy girls are a must and the looks aren’t fashion forward, but almost and eye sore. Sorry Kit, but you may have been going for elegance, but elegance isn’t leather shorts and flat heeled knee high boots. 

What do you think?

Video from the Qantas Grid Girl Uniform Launch for the 2010 Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix

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  • Sarah says:

    I quite like the blouses.

    But those devil shorts should have been mini or pencil skirts and the shoes should be stiletto heels or heel booties.

    The fedoras need to die.

    That way they can be sexy (in a Robert Palmer girl kinda way) and stylish.

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