Beach side must-have: Lyloh Outfit in a Box

We’re in the midst of packing for our upcoming trip to iD Dunedin Fashion Week (where the fabulous Zandra Rhodes will be in attendance). While searching for fabulous things to wear to Dunedin, we came across Lyloh, the perfect sarong which can be transformed into over eight different looks.

It all started when Amy Camilleri had suffered the very fate all women dread – attending an event and someone else is wearing exactly the same dress. Without any sewing skills, Camilleri played around with what she had and created her own interesting looks from a sarong. When friends and strangers constantly asked her how to create the looks, Lyloh Outfit in a Box was born from her home in the popular beach town of Bryon Bay in Australia.

You don’t need sewing skills to turn a sarong into a jump suit, a halterneck dress or pants, Lyloh proves that all you need is their Outfit in a Box. We’ve been day dreaming of another holiday to Hawaii, so we’ve imagined a whole holiday filled with Lyloh sarong looks because it would make it so easy to pack light on the way over and pile your suitcase up with holiday buys. We’re just suggesting… Prices range from AUD$44.00 to $64.00 and inside your Lyloh Outfit in a Box you get a kit that includes a beautiful sarong, a snazzy buckle, elastic beads, pins & the Lyloh How to Create an Outfit Guide.

Check out their great ‘How to’ video below – it’s so easy even we were able to pull of all the looks in the video.

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