Trash bags go high end thanks to Louis Vuitton

In 2008 when Australian fashion brand TV launched a vinyl ‘trash bag’ handbag they sold like hotcakes down under – even with a AUD$180 price tag (approx US$130 at the time). I could not fathom why. But low and behold the trash bag has risen to a new level (with a hefty new $1,960 price tag) thanks to Louis Vuitton. Called the “Raindrop Beasace”, it features a drawstring opening that resembles the ties that pulls together on an everyday garbage bag you can buy at the supermarket. The only difference is that it also features a leather strap and Louis Vuitton logo. I’d like to say that this won’t sell, but we did see women walking around with Vuitton’s cheap checked shopping bag with their logo printed on it – the one from their Spring/Summer 2007 collection. [Refinery29 via The Cut]