The September Issue deleted scene: Andre Leon Talley, outraged by “lunch in car”

I’m assuming everyone has seen The September Issue? So we all agree that Vogue‘s Creative Director, Grace Coddington was the breakout star, yes? Which would make Vogue‘s Editor at Large, Andre Leon Talley the comic relief or joker. The DVD is out in the US on Tuesday February 23rd (it’s in stores now in Australia, for a rather pricey AUD$29.98 and in the UK from Amazon UK for £4.98) and with it comes a whole slew of deleted scenes.

Here’s one where Talley is rather hilariously outraged by having to have his lunch in his car due to tight schedules. Apparently “Anna doesn’t even make us eat lunch in the car”… though she has apparently suggested people skip lunch all together. But of course she has.

Now we can’t wait to get our copy from – they recently ran a Twitter competition and we were one of the lucky winners! Thanks guys!

[Via PopWrap]


  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    Talley is so funny! It’d be interesting to see a documentary on his life and how he managed his high status in the industry. I can’t figure out exactly what he does…

  • DDGdaily - Kate says:

    oh! and he’s going to be on America’s Next Top Model soon. Should be good times

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