Move over Tavi, Oyster’s back with a much bigger bow than yours

We all love a good come back queen and no doubt some of you will have been eagerly awaiting for Oyster Magazine‘s relaunch/comeback issue released today. With a redesigned look – from the inside and out – issue 85’s cover line pays homage to the rumours that Oyster was gone for good by announcing that ‘Print is Dead’ on their cover.

But it’s what inside that counts with former fashion journalist (and former Australian Harpers Bazaar editor) Jamie Huckbody interviewing Pierre Cardin and paying tribute to Irving Penn in two features. Even though it has a new cover price of $9.95, we think cover model Annabella from Priscilla’s (an in our opinion, words by Huckbody) is worth it right? She certainly gives Tavi’s bow a run for her money.