Karl Lagerfeld sues over ‘counterfeit’ Spoon Light weight loss pills

It seems that Karl Lagerfeld can’t seem to get away from counterfeiters – first with his designs for Chanel and Fendi, and now with his line of weight loss products. Lagerfeld and his business partner French physician, Dr Jean Claude Houdret have filed a law suit against a Taiwanese entertainer Hsiung Hsiu-hui (stage name, Hsiung Hai-ling) and her sister Hsiung Hsiu-chen after they reneged on a four-year deal with their company Sunrex Sarl. The Sunrex Sarl are demanding €40 million in compensation after the Hsiung sisters ceases distributing their Spoon Light and Spoon Cut products in Taiwan, instead subcontracted a Tainan pharmaceutical company to produce their own version of the diet product. Meanwhile Hsiung Hsiu-Hui has counter-sued Dr Houdret for defamation. She claims that he called her “international fraudster”.

No doubt Sunrex Sarl originated from Lagerfeld’s own weight loss experience where reportedly he shed 42kg in 13 months thanks to Dr Houdret’s Spoon Light diet, later renamed the Karl Lagerfeld Diet (which is also the name of the book).