Karl Lagerfeld custom designs a safe with Döttling

Karl Lagerfeld isn’t one for buying off the shelf, why would you if you were as powerful as he was and could get whatever you wanted custom made for you? He’s had everything from luggage to iPod holders custom made for him so it comes as no surprise that the man nicknamed the Kaiser has now designed a safe to keep all his prized possessions.

Created with German luxury safe maker Döttling, 30 limited edition ‘Narcissus’ safe has been called the world’s most expensive safe (we’re guessing they mean the world’s most expensive personal safe or something) with a price tag of 250,000 euros. It stands at just under 6 feet tall with a steel body, but when activated two doors open to reveal interior cabinets to hold your luxury watches and jewelry.

I wonder if Döttling could make one that could double as a crypt for the great one.