How Miranda Kerr and a stockbroker made it on to the same news segment

I’m sure if you were a guy, you’d send your mates photos of some good looking women (in this case Miranda Kerr) for them to peruse at work, but how many people can say they’ve been filmed by a national news outlet reading said emails? Not many I’m sure. Well in Australia, David Kiely, a stockbroker with Macquarie Private Wealth can now boast that has is claim to fame. He was looking at nude photos of Kerr he received via email when the Channel 7 news crossed over to a colleague for his opinion on interest rates – unfortunately for Kiely his computer screen is in full view of the television cameras and he was looking at nude photos of Miranda Kerr. Some sharp eyes spotted the activity on Kiely’s screen and the whole thing went viral.

The photos in question were of Kerr’s recent appearance in GQ magazine and since the whole incident went viral the people at Macquarie Bank are not pleased. The Australian are reporting that Kiely, who works as a stockbroker at the company, will be meeting with his bosses to determine his future at the company while human resources has emailed all employees with their internet policy to refamiliarize themselves with.

Watch a video of what went to air below (keep an eye on the upper left side of the clip) and let us know what you think. I don’t think it’s such a big deal, but Macquarie Bank will probably be keeping and eye on who sits behind the camera from now on.