House of Harlow 1960 shoes by Nicole Richie are a little folksy

We admit that we didn’t mind Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960‘s jewelry line. It was a bit expensive for our liking (due to the fact we’re use to celebrity designed high street collections) but it was earthy but cool. Her footwear collection is a whole other story. FabSugar are reporting that they’re inspired by Navajo, the largest tribe of North American Indians which explains the crafty feel, but if we’re suppose to pay US$188 for her Cream Brigit Flats (pictured left), she’s got to be dreaming. But like every other celebrity line, we’re sure some people will be lining up at Kitson for them. Question is, will you?


  • BlackHoneyChild says:

    She’s clearly still on something, she can keep her shoes!

  • lola says:

    The shoes are okay, but where are they made? They are imported. If they are made in the US or by real Navajoes then the price should be higher. I can find better fits at any thrift shop.

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