Britian’s Ben de Lisi to redesign hospital gowns

I’d imagine if you were in hospital, the last thing you would think about would be your hospital gown, but if you have given it some thought, British designer Ben de Lisi has been given the task of redesigning hospital gowns in England thanks to the Design Council. De Lisi told the BBC, “The old hospital gown was hideous, embarrassing, ill-fitting and probably ill-making too. You are away from home, ill, and in hospital and you have to wear this horrific garment with your arse hanging out. I wanted the new gowns to feel fabulous and aspirational. They are made from beautiful cotton shirting which is very smooth, cool and lux.” Well when you put that way, perhaps a hospital visit wouldn’t be so bad after all. Can I keep the outfit? [FabSugarUK]