Bloggers aren’t replacing ‘old media’ journalists on the front row at all New York Fashion Week shows

With New York Fashion Week kicking off officially today (tonight Australian time) it came as no surprise that more ‘blogger vs print journalists’ articles has surfaced latelty. But contrary to popular opinion that fashion bloggers like BryanBoy, Tavi, Tommy Ton and Susie Bubble are replacing fashion editors and journalists in the front row, we were surprised to discover that BryanBoy had been seated as far back as row 7 for 3.1 Phillip Lim and Narciso Rodriguez and given standing room at Derek Lam. Given that we’ve been encouraged to write about Narciso Rodriguez’s collection for recently and BryanBoy’s front row assignment just seats away from Anna Wintour at Dolce & Gabbana last season, BryanBoy’s tweets about his seating assignments has shocked us:

He jokingly wrote:

Am I the only one secretly hoping foreign editors’ flights get delayed as in REALLY DELAYED so I can get (crappy) show seating upgrades?

Upon further questioning, he revealed the shows at which he wasn’t given a front row (or even second or third row) seat (not that he expected one), commenting that he would probably squeeze himself next to the photographers pitt at the end of the runway (wit’s the beast seat in the house in my personal opinion). Of course given that all three designers haven’t made a big effort in the social media space, it is almost understandable that they haven’t given blogger seating assignments much though.

And just so you don’t think fashion bloggers expect a seat at fashion shows:

“I’m just happy to be there to see the clothes!” BryanBoy reiterated on his blog. “Not gonna throw a big song and dance number on my part as a) you can see the photos online within hours from getty or b) I could always make an appointment after the show to see them in real life at the showrooms.”

On an interesting side note, BryanBoy along with Todd Shelby of The Selby, Tommy Ton of Jak & Jill, Yvan Rodic of Facehunter, Catherine of Red Carpet Fashion Awards,  Hanneli Mustaparta of Hanneli, Garance Dore and Mary Tomer of Mrs O are featured in the March 2010 issue of American Vogue.

They were all in New York City last year for the photoshoot, perhaps to show that American Vogue has come around to the ideal of bloggers, calling them “Influencers: Front Row Bloggers” on the March 2010 cover. Amusing because it was just over 2 and a half years ago when it was revealed that Wintour hated the word blog, for the Vogue website anyway (though 2 years later, it’s there now).

While we’re still uber jealous that BryanBoy and other fashion bloggers will have a fabulous time at NYFW, we’re kind of glad we didn’t make the trip to New York this season, if 7th row is where BryanBoy gets seated then I’d be lucky to have an inch on the pavement out in the snow!

Mary Tomer