Video: Karl Lagerfeld, age 21

For anyone who has read The Beautiful Fall, you will know all about the fashion design competition a 21-year-old Karl Largerfeld and an 18-year-old Yves Saint Laurent entered when they were just young men in Paris trying to establish themselves as fashion designers. Well archival footage of the International Wool Secretariat fashion design competition has been leaked on to YouTube. Just as The Beautiful Fall author Alicia Drake described, the young Lagerfeld was nervous and awkward:

“He talked fast and in French, nervously licking his lips as his words spilled out like marbles. He clasped his hands awkwardly in front of him.”

Lagerfeld won the coat category with a daffodil yellow wool coat while Saint-Laurent won the first and third prize in the dress category. Unfortunately the footage doesn’t include YSL but an awkward Lagerfeld (with brown hair) is a sight unto itself.

Via FabSugar UK

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