Tavi Gevinson at Paris Haute Couture, but is she working for POP?

Image via @IsaacLikes

So last week it was rumored/tweeted-but-since-removed that young fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie would be flown to Paris to cover the haute couture shows for Pop. The tweet by The Moment was removed but Fashionista were sure they saw the tweet.

Well we have proof that Tavi is indeed in Paris for the haute couture shows: she was snapped backstage at Christian Dior by New Zealand blogger, Isaac Hindin Miller as she interviewed Norwegian model Siri Tollerod. With a film crew beside her, we’ll be watching Tavi.ThePop.com very closely to see if the young fashion blogger has been lucky enough to score a trip to Paris through them or someone else.

Tavi also told Hindin-Miller than she had been in Paris for a day, but it felt like a week, so we’re curious as to what the young miss has been up to since touching down. Meeting with Kaiser Karl perhaps?

UPDATE: According to Jeanne Baker, the pink bow adorning blue-haired Tavi is by milliner Stephen Jones,
with British Grazia not happy about having to watch the couture show through it’s loops.

Check out pictures of their obstructed view below.

Image via @Grazia_Live


  • Kelly says:

    Thats just stupid looking

  • Marlo Perry says:

    That’s adorable. I love it!
    It’s like Erykah Badu at the Grammys

  • Christina says:

    I HATE Tavi!!

  • guillaume richard says:

    tavi gévinson quand viendra tu voir ton français agé de 34 ans qui s’appelle guillaume richard ton préfèré.

  • Mrs. Miniver says:

    Have you read Tavi’s blog? She is a gifted writer regardless of age. Her taste in fashion is very different from mine, but she has a way of helping me look at fashion from another point of view. Most importantly it is the way she does it – passionately and yet without lecturing, condescension or elitism. Her references to pop culture (from both past and present) are insightful and at times genius. She is a really sweet and talented young woman.

    Mrs. Miniver

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