Matthew Williamson to judge Project Runway; Nina Garcia “LA was almost impossible”

There hasn’t been as much buzz over season 7 of Project Runway as previous years, but since the show is back in its New York City home we’re hoping the show will get its feet back. Things are looking up though with Matthew Williamson taking up a seat in the guest judges chair for the third episode, entitled The Hi’s and Low’s of Fashion, which shows the quality of judges that come out of New York – according to Nina Garcia that is. She spoke to Media Bistro recently about how impossible the move to LA (Heidi Klum’s home base) was because it was hard to coordinate the schedules of Michael Kors, Garcia and Tim Gunn.

“The move to Los Angeles threw a wrench in all that because it was impossible to coordinate people’s schedules — Michael, Tim and I all have jobs in New York,” Garcia said. “The relocation of everyone to L.A. was almost impossible.”

“I really did think it was important to bring the show back here (New York). New York is the center of fashion of America. The quality of judges is better coming out of New York. I’m not discounting the excellent talent and judges in L.A., but New York is really where it’s at,” she added.

Meanwhile Garcia wasn’t going to completely disprove rumors that she has a development deal with Harvey Weinstein (the show’s executive producer and co-founder of Miramax Films) to give the Marie Claire fashion director her own television show.

“I don’t have a development deal, but the one thing I have learned is never say never. I will consider things as they come.”

Just so long as it’s nothing like Anne Slowley’s short-lived show Stylista on Bravo.