Kate Moss will write a book when she’s 70; thought modeling was vain

These days it seems that Kate Moss has been saying yes to a few more interviews lately as she’s on the promotional trail for her latest fragrance Vintage. She told the Times recently that she never thought about being a model, instead “I thought it was so vain, really embarrassing.” Interestingly enough, she also spoke about how designing clothes for Topshop came about organically and wasn’t part of a plan to grow outside of modeling, which is how she’s also looking at the book publishing world. Asked if she would ever write a an autobiography or a book about style, she simply replied “No, there are plenty of people doing that. I don’t think so… Maybe when I’m 70.” Well there you have it, Kate Moss in a few simple words. Insightful? No, but it’s the little crumbs that keep us all hanging for more right? [Times]