Karl LagerFELT the finger puppet

First came the Karl Lagerfeld bear, then printed t-shirts, statues and so much more… now all we’re left with is the Karl Lagerfeld finger puppet, aptly named Karl LagerFELT from the people who bought us the Karl Lagermouse. Tra Tutti have created finger puppets in the form of Chanel’s creative director as well as the likes of Anna Wintour and Christian Sirano, giving Lagerfeld a hand sewn “Italian-like suit with stylish tie and starched collar”. We’re not sure what exactly you could do with the Lagerfelt, Wintour or Siriano finger puppets, but we do suggest that you creative a play, film it, upload it on to YouTube and tell us all about it.

All finger puppets retail on TraTutti for $19.99 with 20% of all consignment and 5% of retail profits to be donated to a nominated charity at check-out.

It’s all in a day’s fun with Project Runway identities Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn and Siriano all showing off their own Lagerfelt puppet recently, what are you waiting for?