Happy 2010!

So it’s the start of a new year, a new decade of fashion and style. And already we have a few questions…

  • Will the next few years bring another Sienna Miller vs. Kate Moss style-off like early the 2000s
  • Will we look back at Jezebel’s top 5 models of the 2000s (Gisele, Tyra, Heidi, Natalia and Gemma Ward) with fondness?
  • Will blogging be cool at the end of this decade or will it be how we look at it as how we “use to” consume media like we look at newspapers?
  • Will Ugg Boots and Crocs dissapear from public memory like a distant memory by 2020? In the same vein, will we look at Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo heels as a footwear abnormality or the start of a new trend?

No matter what the answers to those questions are, we thank everyone who’s visited SASSYBELLA.com in the last year and we hope you stick around for more exciting fun and games in 2010. The best has yet to come, for us and you.

xx Helen

Image source: topnews

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