Former Miss Universe posed naked and un-Photoshopped for Australian Marie Claire

A debate has been raging in Australia for the last 24 hours or so about the February 2010 Australian Marie Claire cover featuring the Australian former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins nude and unretouched to encourage positive attitudes to body image and support The Butterfly Foundation. But the cover has every split into two teams, one team who applaud the former beauty queen and now television personality and underwear model for choosing to show that she is enough comfortable in her skin to strip for a magazine cover, while the other team are publicly denouncing The Butterfly Foundation (who is suppose to help women combat eating disorders) for upholding Hawkins as a positive role model for body image. Compared to the lengths US Glamour and V Magazine have gone to publish women will actual body fat, Marie Claire‘s publicity stunt seems a bit too little too late to me. [SMH,]