Erin Wasson is a model that is not happy to be manipulated

Erin Wasson recently spoke to London’s Independent to talk about.. well Erin Wasson. The interview was interesting enough – because it seemed to be full of backhanded compliments about the modeling industry and her fellow models. If you thought a model should show up and channel the designer/stylists vision, think again, it seems that Wasson doesn’t think that is what a model should do. “I’ve always been a girl with a massive opinion,” she says. “I want to be in the know. Your typical model maybe shows up and is happy to be manipulated and is happy to ask no questions, and I’m quite the opposite. I’m really particular about wanting to know the essence and spirit of a situation that I’m in.”

Does that mean she asks questions to be a better model, or asks questions to know whether or not she wants to do what she’s told? Meanwhile, she also has opinions about the supermodels of old…

“The supermodels would show up backstage and be wearing Versace,” she explains. “Even on your off days, you looked like you just walked off a photoshoot. Now it’s OK to show up in a hoodie and jeans and be comfortable, knowing damn straight you’re going to spend your day doing all this over-the-top shit.”

Ah how modeling has changed. Interestingly enough, the article also revealed that Wasson had married a older photographer when she moved to New York at 17, much like Elle Macpherson did with Gilles Bensimon. Not that model-older photographer hook ups are uncommon in the fashion industry….