Colette’s Mt Blushmore window pokes fun at Wintour, Largefeld, Versace and Galliano

Forget bloggers nabbing boutique windows, French fashion artist Item Idem (real name Cyril Duval) has currently transformed Colette in Paris’ shop window into an art display with his tongue-in-cheek Mt Blushmore LED display. Unveiled last year at DYSFASHIONAL, Item Idem brings together Mt Rushmore’s homage to American presidents and four of fashion’s powerhouses – Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace, Anna Wintour and John Galliano – in a fun piece of art. “Pop culture and tourist gimmickry are two of my personal obsessions and have pushed me to explore new mediums like laser crystal engraving,” he told PonyStep. “Mt Bushmore is conceived as a three dimensional postcard, a soubenir blown up to monumental size.”

The Mt Bushmore window display can be seen at the Colette boutique until January 9.

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