Vivienne Westwood: ACT FAST/SLOW DOWN and stop climate change

westwood-smallVivienne Westwood has long been a supporter of the need to act against climate change – urgently – and has teamed up with Anvill Knitwear to launched a limited edition t-shirt to support the efforts of rainforest nations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen to stop deforestation. “I am so glad to have had the opportunity to do this tiny, tiny thing – design a T-shirt – every little bit helps,” said Westwood in a release. “ACT FAST/SLOW DOWN and stop climate change. That’s the message. We must all commit ourselves. Say YES to the Rainforest.

With talks breaking down almost hourly, if news reports are to be believed, the nations against UN deforestation at the Climate Change Conference needs all the help and awareness it can get. According to the release, the Coalition for Rainforest Nations wants to initiate a mechanism known as REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) which the United Nations will issue carbon credits for each hectare of living rainforest. These in turn could be traded on the world’s commodity markets to countries, such as the United Kingdom, that need to reduce their emissions at low cost. The proceeds would go to poor landowners who today have no option today but to log their trees.

“We are truly honored to have Vivienne and Anvil supporting the rainforest cause,” said Kevin Conrad, Executive Director of the Coalition for Rainforest Nations and Papua New Guinea’s Special Envoy and Ambassador for Environment & Climate Change. “We hope that the launch of these fabulous T-shirts will help draw more attention to deforestation and the plight of our citizens who are now on the frontline in the battle against climate change.”

Anvil Knitwear is the ideal partner for Westwood as the century old sportswear brand is devoted to creating eco-friendly clothes and is the largest domestic purchaser of US grown certified organic cotton by the Organic Exchange in 2008. The Vivienne Westwood ‘ACT FAST/SLOW DOWN and stop climate change’ t-shirts are part of the AnvilSustainable collection where the material is a blend of recycled polyester derived from approximately three recycled plastic bottles, and transitional cotton that comes from farms that are converting to organic farming methods. The eco-friendly printing of the shirts was provided by New Buffalo Shirt Factory.

We’ve been combing the web up and down for hours trying to find a picture of the ACT FACT/SLOW DOWN and stop climate change t-shirt and where you can purchase it, but to no avail. We do suggest you keep an eye on Vivienne Westwood’s Online Store and the Anvil website and stay tuned.

We found an image, the t-shirt design is a little messier than expected, but it’s effective in getting the message out, no?

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    vivienne Westwood has long been a supporter of the need to act against climate change – urgently

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