Unexpected but cool: Daphne Guinness for Akris


We love the idea of fashion muse and icon Daphne Guinness modelling in an advertising campaign. But little did we expect it to be for Akris’s first handbag collection. Complete with a black bob and vamp make up, Guinness was photographed by one Stephen Klein.

“For one, Daphne is a beautiful and intriguing woman – a fashion icon in her own right,” Albert Kriemler, grandson to Akris and the brand’s designer explained to Vogue UK. “I have seen her photographed by Steven before, she emanates a sense of mystery and aristocracy – there is more to the picture than meets the eye.”

It’s definitely an interesting pairing but the news will have the fashion world buzzing about Akris’ bags which, in a game of chess would mean they have just got the King Queen. Unfortunately only one of the horsehair bags has been unveiled so far – the Ai bag.

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