The Sartorialist Scott Schuman has a TV show and clothing line in the works

scottschuman-smallHe’s in Australia to promote his book and attend book signings at Sass & Bide boutiques, but Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist has revealed that he has a TV show and clothing line in the works. “I’m shooting some things for Italian Vogue, GQ and stuff like that. But also there’s maybe a TV show coming up, maybe a clothing collection coming up, ” Schuman said in an interview with Pedestrian. “There’s a lot of negotiating going on right now… I was offered a lot of shows before and I don’t think the companies were right that were asking me. But this company I think is right. It’s a very well known Director and all, they’re a company”

Known as a chatty photographer (when he’s not shooting and when he wants to talk to reporters of course) Schuman revealed that his TV show will not be a show about him – could it be a reality TV show where the camera crew follow him around the world?

“But I finally realized that the success of the blog, is the fact that it’s not about me it’s about the people that I talk to and the people I choose to talk to and shoot and all that… So I would be in the show but definitely not the focus just like there’s one picture of me in this book. So I’ve become well known not by promoting myself but by talking and shooting other people. So maybe there’s a TV show maybe there’s an accessories collection that might lead into a full clothing collection. So there’s a lot of other things coming up but it’s still early in the process. ”

We’re waiting on Pedestrian to upload the video interview with the street style photographer to find out more about the clothing line.