“The Amish community didn’t like the tone of our Billboard” GASP Denim


Today the names of the most complained ads in Australia was released and it seems that a GASP Denim ad that was run only in the state of Victoria (Australia’s second largest state) received the most complaints in 2009 after a complaint letter was distributed online. The ad (which we think is the one pictured above) featured topless models wearing GASP Denim’s Perfect Fit Remastered range and lead GASP Denim to lash out and say: “the Amish community didn’t like the tone of our Billboard, let us have your thoughts” on their Facebook fan page.

According to the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau Case Report that GASP published on their Facebook fan page the denim brand was investigated for their ‘portrayal of sex/sexuality/nudity’ and contribution to the sexualisation of young women and girls “by implying that is an appropriate and appealing way to dress and behave in public” — honestly, do people really think a billboard ad will encourage young girls to go out in just jeans and no tops? Granted I do agree that it is a little risque – for a billboard near commuters who are behind the wheel of a car.

According to Tristan Boyd blogging at GenNextSeminars the campaign against GASP Denim was promoted heaviliy by founder of Kids Free 2B Kids Julie Gail and author and teacher Maggie Hamilton.

The case was dismissed by the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau the end of October this year.

Do you find the ad offensive?

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  • Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts says:

    I don’t find it offensive from a sexual point of view but I find it offensive from a design point of view – it’s a very ugly ad, and certainly does not entice me to purchase their jeans. I definitely wouldn’t want to have to stare at it every day.

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