Roberto Cavalli, budding photographer?

robertocavalli-smallHe not only designs but apparently Roberto Cavalli is also an avid photographer, telling FWD that he was just in Namibia for work. “My real passion is photography, and I was basically shooting there. My dream in the near future is to create a big exhibition that would showcase my work from Africa and other exotic places. I love shooting primitive and simple things. I used to shoot subjects for my prints and my passion has evolved a bit.”

Cavalli told Martha Stewart that he would love to put together a book of his photos, adding that he showed his photos to a “big photographer” who was very impressed with his work. “He said, ‘They’re fantastic, you should really make more.’ From that moment I was very encouraged.”

He doesn’t think of himself as the next Mario Testino or Steven Klein but we think he could give Karl Lagerfeld a run for his money by shooting a Roberto Cavalli advertising campaign.