Mischa Barton & Ashton Kutcher’s The Beautiful Life revived for the web

beautifullife-smallIt seems that after finding greater fame on Twitter, Ashton Kutcher‘s love of the web has grown and he’s utilizing his online pulling power to revive his fashion/model television series ‘The Beautiful Life’. Canceled after airing only two episodes on the CW with three more in the can, it stared the likes of Mischa Barton, Elle Macpherson and Sara Paxton. So what’s a boy to do? Turn it into webisodes on YouTube. “What we feel like we’re doing is creating, in some ways, an industry first,” Kutcher told Reuters. “A show that couldn’t find its legs on television, we believe can find its legs on the Web.”

The first five episodes of The Beautiful Life will air on YouTube from today. There’s no word on whether more episodes will be produced, but we’re guessing it will depend on the success of the first five episodes online and if the original stars will return to film more.