Daphne Guinness’ half brother Tom models for Burberry and dates Daisy Lowe


We don’t know why we didn’t make the fashionable connection earlier, but Daphne Guinness’ half brother is a model. And not just any old model, Thomas Guinness-Taylor (also known as Tom Guinness) has starred in a handful of Burberry campaigns.

Daphne and Tom share the shame father, Jonathan Guinness, 3rd Barton Moyne but have different mothers; Daphne born to Lord Moyne’s second wife Suzanne and Tom born to his long time mistress Susan Taylor. With such pedigree it’s no surprise that Tom has managed to star in two Burberry ad campaigns (F/W 2009 with Emma Watson and Burberry Brit with Emma Maclaren) and Pepe Jeans’ Spring/Summer 2010 campaign with another fellow Brit Alexa Chung.

In another fashionable twist, the young British model has found love with another young model with famous parents – Daisy Lowe. The Daily Mail reports that the pair met through mutual friends and as of November she even introduced him to her mother Pearl Lowe.

We must admit we love his amazing bone structure but listening to him talk in the video below kind of ruins it for us. As well as modeling Tom plays in a band with his sister Aster.

Alexa Chung with Tom Guinness and Boyd Holbrook
for Pepe Jeans Spring/Summer 2010


Tom Guiness at the MTC Castings


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