We’re just wondering….


…. what Heidi Mount did with Karl Lagerfeld yesterday.

She Twittered that she did a film with the Kaiser… so it begs the question:

  • Was the film for Chanel (unlikely as Claudia Schiffer is the face of their Spring 2010 collection)?
  • Was it for his own line?
  • Could it be for Fendi, who hasn’t announced a Spring 2010 face?

We’re sure our questions will be answered in time, but we’re in the age where we need to know everything now. Why else do we have Google and Wikepedia accessible on our Blackberry?

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  • SIR JO says:

    The spring/summer 2010 face for Fendi will be Anja Rubik. So, I guess it’s just another short movie Heidi did with Karl. Just as the clip Lara Stone did months ago….MAYBE??? Just wondering…

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