The Museum of Ferragamo, now a virtual experience too


If you’re following me on Twitter, you probably has a giggle when I mentioned that I dreamt that I met Salvatore Ferragamo and found myself barefoot (cue instant mortification). Needless to say the meeting would have been impossible since Salvatore died in 1960 and I was in some desert tent (which in itself is random).

But after some googling I did find that there was a museum dedicated to the iconic shoe maker. The Museo Ferragamo is located at the Piazza Santa Trinita in Florence Italy but for those who can’t get there their website has comphrensive information for history and fashion fans. includes pictures, vintage films and downloadable shoe models you can redesign and send back so a panel of judges can pick a winner to join a virtual gallery.

We love the Salvatore Ferragamo story, Videocast with dates back to 1995 and has me wishing he were still alive to custom make me some shoes… perhaps that can me my dream next week 😉