Sarah Jessica Parker loves Eau de Diaper


She’s shooting Sex and the City movie 2 in Dubai right now, but Sarah Jessica Parker has found time to be given an edgier look by Elle’s Joe Zee and talk about her new loves in her life – her new twins born by surrogate.

She gushes to the December 2009 issue of Elle magazine about how she loves the little things about having babies, like their smells. But before you start thinking she will bottle the fresh baby scent in an upcoming fragrance… you should keep your fingers crossed that she will never do so because her favourite baby smell is their dirty dipers.

“I love the smell of diapers; I even like when they’re wet and you smell them all warm liked a baked good. I love the smell of Balmex. Love it.”

Obviously SJP doesn’t change too many because after long periods of smelling diapers you would surely be wishing you could potty train your child earlier.

P.S. Her knees look heavily photoshopped in the picture above – if you watch the Sex and the City movie carefully when Carrie climbs into bed with Big to read her book of poems, her knees don’t look quite so smooth. I’m just saying….