Preview: Lady Gaga performing ‘Bad Romance’ on Gossip Girl

We told you earlier that Lady Gaga was set to guest star on Gossip Girl and that the writers and producers on the hit television series were letting her do whatever she wanted.

“I am the narrator behind what is going on with the characters and make the song part of the moment,” she said. “We used these ladders. Ladders are kind of a monster symbol about bad luck. And I have this 35-foot-long dress on and these X’s, very gothic-inspired.”

Well we have a preview of the 35 foot long dress and the set and we’re a little disappointed.  ‘Bad Romance’ was the song choice and I have to say… after watching the amazing video clip for the song, the performance on Monday night’s Gossip Girl does not compare. It’s almost disappointing really. I hope we get a better idea of how it ties in with the show’s storyline when it airs on Monday November 16, 2009.

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