Lady Gaga: Gossip Girl let me do whatever I want

ladygaga-small3The Plastiscines may be performing on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, but everyone is waiting with baited breathe for next week’s guest star – Lady Gaga. She revealed to MTV that she called her sister to discuss whether or not to guest star on the show first and once she got the green light Lady Gaga went into image control mode, insisting that she doesn’t “come in out of nowhere and everyone’s like, really into the store line, and then all of a sudden somebody breaks into song.”

So she met with the Gossip Girl writers and producers to ensure she was more than a small part of the storyline – in fact the episode title is aptly called “The Last Days of Disco Stick” and Blair Waldorf is set to spend a part of the episode trying to land a private concert with her in hope of impressing students at NYU.

“I really sat down with the Gossip Girl writers,” she told MTV. “I was like, ‘Look, the reason I want to do this is because I’m trying to say something that is not mainstream. So, if I can say it on your show, that would be, like, a real coup d’état for me as a performance artist.'”

“I am the narrator behind what is going on with the characters and make the song part of the moment. We used these ladders. Ladders are kind of a monster symbol about bad luck. And I have this 35-foot-long dress on and these X’s, very gothic-inspired.”

“It was great. They let me do whatever the hell I wanted. It was amazing.”