Kate Moss’ motto: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels


She rarely gives an interview, so when Kate Moss speaks the fashion world listens in shock that the supermodel has given an interview. She spoke to WWD about channeling her creativity, what beauty is for her and her motto in life – all perfectly timed to coincide with the holiday season to promote her latest scent, Vintage by Kate Moss. (Cynical much?)

On how she defines beauty:
It sounds really corny, but I think that if you’re beautiful inside, it shows on the outside for sure. You can be a pretty face, but if you’re not a nice person, it just doesn’t work. I’m not traditionally a beauty, but apparently people think I’m all right. If you’re a nice person, it definitely helps.

On how she channels her creativity: WWD:
I write sometimes, or I’ll draw. It all depends what’s around. If I’m with my daughter (Lila Grace), I’ll paint. I make jam. It’s kind of creative when you make jam. In the country, I get creative with what I have in my house. I just did my dressing room [with my former personal assistant who now designs interiors] and that was quite a good creative process. It’s heaven. We did it together. I wanted it to be a space, not just a closet. I wanted it to be a room you could feel comfortable in and hang out in without just being a wardrobe.

Her motto:
There are loads. There’s “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” That’s one of them. You try and remember, but it never works.

Meanwhile, in case you’re curious, Vintage by Kate Moss is a fragrance that reportedly plays on her sense of style and love of clothing from many years ago. It was developed with perfumer Olivier Polge and is classified as a fruity floriental.

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