Jimmy Choo for H&M in store today!


P.S. The Guardian are reporting that H&M are ‘bracing’ themselves for queues and crazy fashionistas 😉

Well the opening has come and gone, while we’re waiting for reports…
we did find some video of the craziness. Watch them below!

GreersOCTV talked to Tatiana Cvetko in California who showed off her wrist band which gave them allocated times they could enter with only 10 minutes to shop. “We go here at 4:50-ish, we meant to get here at 3am but… yeah. We pulled up and there was this large herd of people running toward the store,” she said.

Report from ITN News from Britian

Jimmy Choo for H&M in New York

Amateur in store Madness video

At Bevely Hills Center, LA: The crowd counts down…

At Bevely Hills Center, LA: Cheers of excited as a voice chatters about being let in (in Cantonese)