Helena Christensen documents climate change for Oxfam


Mother, model and photographer, Helena Christensen has been capturing the effects of climate change on the indigenous people of Peru in a joint project with Oxfam to raise awareness for the cause. While spending time in her mother’s native country earlier this year with Oxfam, Christensen witnessed the effect of retreating glaciers on local farmers With a Peruvian mother, the Danish model took the cause to heart and is urging world leaders who will gather in Copenhagen from December 7-18 for talks to commit to real change.

“Whole communities are losing their main source of income,” Christensen said, adding that villagers were being forced to leave the mountains and move into cities. “These cultures will disappear and it’s really sad, because it’s such a special part of South America.”

“As the people, we can only do so much. Politicians and world leaders are the ones who have the power to actually make drastic changes.

Christensen’s photo exhibition Meltdown is currently on display in London’s Proud Gallery until November 29. Her images are available for purchase for £99,999 (approx USD$166,974) with the proceeds (presumably) going to Oxfam.

[Via AFP]

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