Gorman and Green & Black want you to find a lucky ticket to win this Christmas


This December, Australian fashion label Gorman have collaborated with Green & Black’s chocolate to bring you style and chocolate treats when you do your Christmas shopping. Everyone who makes a purchase at Gorman boutiques in December will be presented with a bar of Green & Black’s organic chocolate – which are no ordinary chocolates.

Much like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, hidden among the chocolate bars are five lucky tickets which will give you the chance to win $1500 of Gorman vouchers and a gourmet hamper chocked full of Green & Black’s chocolates.

To celebrate the collaboration, bespoke Christmas tree installations decorated with handcrafted ornaments from recycled Green & Black’s wrapping will appear in Gorman boutique windows across Australia this Christmas (pictured above). The sustainable concept for a contemporary eco-Christmas tree is the idea of Australian organic fashion designer Lisa Gorman herself.

“Fashion and chocolate are the perfect Christmas combination,” said Kelli Fernandes of Green & Black’s. “We wanted to create something which appealed to women’s two first loves, but didn’t require an ethical compromise. The installation is perfect example of combining style and taste, two things which are central to both Green & Black’s and Gorman.”

Lisa Gorman, founder of Gorman has been striving towards being a carbon neutral company all the way down to how their clothes are made.

“Ethical shopping is becoming more popular as sustainable products are looking and working better than they ever have,” Gorman said. “Technology in sustainable fashion has bought us softer, more comfortable yarns which the consumer values as much for its fashionability, as its sustainability. It’s no good being sustainable if it doesn’t look or taste good.”

“The collaboration with Gorman and Green & Blacks was a natural fit to bring a holistic approach to keeping the planet in mind over the holidays. We hope people take away a bit of inspiration for their own sustainable Christmas celebrations.”

Check out the Gorman website for locations of their boutique’s in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.