Gemma Ward set to return to fashion and acting in 2010, may study at Yale

gemmaward-smallAfter months of guessing and rumours, it seems like it is anyone’s guess as to whether Gemma Ward will return to the lime light again. Her Australian agency Vivien’s said no to her returning to the fashion world last week (after Bryan Boy was wrongly accused of attacking her by the Australian press) and this week she told the West Australian newspaper that she hasn’t quit modeling. “I have not ‘quit modelling’ and my fans back home can expect to see me back at work modelling and acting in the new year,” she reportedly said in an email.

Meanwhile her mother has spoken to the press, revealing that Gemma will still be based in America to pursue an acting career and considering applying to Yale University to study Shakespearian acting classes.

“She’s 22 years old and has worked incredibly hard,” Mrs Ward said. “She’s had a very difficult few years personally and now she’s having a really lovely time doing things she wants to do and enjoying being young.

“She’s been doing some great drama theatre courses and is considering doing a three-year course in Yale which is a great possibility. She’s making one step at a time.”

Best of luck to her whatever she does, but the fashion world seems a bit empty without her so even if she doesn’t hit the runways again, couldn’t she just do the occasional advertising campaign or editorial?

Meanwhile you can keep track of what she’s up to on her (seemingly real) Twitter account: @GemmaLWard