Francesca Versace: Central Saint Martins gave me a hard time to prove a point

francesaversace-smallHer family may be fashion royalty but Francesca Versace wasn’t going to rely on her name to get her through her studies at Central Saint Martin‘s — neither were her teachers. Donatella’s niece was rejected on her first application but with must persistence she made it in. But it didn’t get easier. “The first year, I was crying all the time. All the teachers gave me such a hard time. ‘To prove a point?’ ‘Exactly.’ ‘But I did three years and I loved it. I had so much fun by the end,'” she told The Times.

It was also Aunt Donatella who introduced Francesca to the world renown fashion school when she was 17. And the rest, they say is history. She now shows a collection under the name Francesca V in Paris and also designs interiors. Her first professional job is to oversea the room decoration for a resort her father Santo Versace is building near Venice.

So nepotism still plays a role, but Francesca doesn’t seem like one to really play up the pomp and glamour that the Versace brand is known for. She could if she wanted too, but there are no signs of that happening any time soon