For the style conscious scooter riders, a Karl Lagerfeld helmet

lagerfeld-helmet-smallWhen driving a scooter in some countries, wearing a helmet is the law. So Karl Lagerfeld has something just for the fashionable lot who zip around town on two motorized wheels, a helmet covered in mink and encrusted with pearls. Unlike the Alexander McQueen Alien heels, this Karl Lagerfeld design (for his namesake label) has hit stores and comes complete with iPod hookups for a tidy price of $1,805 to $6,837. This is a luxe Christmas present for some spoilt fashionistas. [The Cut]

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  • Susan says:

    there has been a lot of talk about race first of all this is EUROPEAN fashion of cosure there will be more white people involved, I’m an asian girl i don’t give a fuck if there are no asian models or black ones in EUROPEAN fashion? shows that wont stop me from enjoying it or buying from it. Can you imagine if there are? no asian girls in a chinese fashion show it would be an outrage, looking for or insinuating for your own race is racist in itself

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