Capture those special holiday moments, old school style


I have people left right and centre talking to me about digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, camera’s on their iPhone’s and Blackberry’s… and it’s starting to make me wish for the old days of the 35mm film cameras when people had to wait for the film to be developed before vetoing photos. My camera choices for this holiday season is the Leica M7 Edition Hermès camera (above left) or the Diana Mini Lomography Camera from Liberty (above right).

We love the Leica M7 Edition Hermes because it’s Hermes (duh) and in the name of luxury you can get yours covered in orange or green Veau Swift leather. We don’t know the specs, but we do know that it will set you back a tidy $14,000 which equals about 10 DSLR’s, about 46 Canon IXUS’s and quite a number of iPhone’s and Blackberry’s.

That said, the Diana Mini Lomography Camera is a little more affordable at £44 – and it really is mini in size too. Like the old school camera’s still uses 35mm film and would be a fun way to recapture those times when you had to wait until you got the film developed to see how beautiful/horrible you look.

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  • sime says:

    Leica make good looking old school camera’s. But way to expensive to even consider.

    The Olympus PEN EP-1 is the one I’m keen on, mainly cause it looks like my old man’s 35mm camera.

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