Brooklyn Decker teams up with Elle for a work out videos

brooklyn-elle-dvd-smallI feel like we’re back in the 1990s again when supermodels were releasing work out videos left right and centre. Except now it’s work out DVDs and the models aren’t as ‘super’ but still very well known and backed by very business savvy people. The latest to team up with a brand to release a work out DVD is Brooklyn Decker who along with Elle magazine has created a series of videos about fitness and nutrition called Make Better. You learn about all things fitness, from yoga to cardio works outs and Cirque de Soleil’s Jukari Fit to Fly trapeze. Look who’s trying to give Yoga for Wii with Anja Rubik a run for their money…

Meanwhile you gotta laugh at this NYT description of Elle’s Joe Zee trying to be as graceful as Decker as she pulls of a Jukari maneuver:

“He swung from the rope with the grace of an anchor.”