Breaking: Luella ceases trading when long term investor pulls out

luella-giseleIt a move that is set to send shock waves around the fashion world, WWD has just revealed that Club 21 has walked away from its long term investment in Luella with the British label that bought us the Luella Gisele Bag ceasing trading. There has been no word on why Club 21 decided to end investment in Luella instead saying in a statement that they reluctantly took “the decision not to invest further in its relationship with Luella Bartley Limited.”

Meanwhile Luella Bartley told WWD in a statement that:

“This is a very disappointing situation for everyone involved with the brand… I very much appreciate the support that VSQ (a susidary of Club 21) has given me, but it is upsetting not to be able to protect jobs in this difficult economic climate.” Bartley added: “We have a number of options open to us, and are considering these over the coming months.”

This move could mean that spring 2010 orders may not be fulfilled.

This is a shocking development for the brand that launched itself into the fashion world through a series of IT bags, beginning with the Luella Gisele. We hope that Bartley can find new inverters in the very near future.